5 accessories that every man must have

5 accessories that every man must have

1. The watch is one of the few accessories that a man can wear in everyday business life, and whether that sounds fair or not, it is still a kind of status symbol. Therefore, you should adjust the value of the watch as much as possible to your professional status.


2. A high quality one Wallet is a must-have for every style-conscious man! The very flat credit card holders are currently in vogue.


3. Sunglasses are THE accessory for the Lord of the World. That may be because strong guys on the screen, like in real life, have been wearing casual glasses ever since. Just think of various famous secret agents, daring pilots, cool rock stars, scheming politicians, notorious crook bosses, wicked contract killers and so a few more.


4. One of the most important fashion accessories for men is the belt. The perfect men's belt enhances the outfit and makes the man look fashion-conscious. There are a few rules that must be observed in order to find the optimal belt. Nowadays belts no longer serve the purpose of holding trousers in place, they are considered a full-fledged and fashionable accessory.


5. The suit fits perfectly, the head is balanced to the millimeter and the shoes shine at least as brightly as the sun. The almost perfect male image. But who wants to go through life so smoothly? We men are - thank God - lucky that every scar and wrinkle adorns us. This is also the case with rough jewelry, it is welcome to break an outfit that is too fine. The absolute secret tip for 2017: men's bracelets!



It's easy to say bracelets aren't masculine ...

If you know our past, you may be able to remember the warriors and kings from different tribes who wore bracelets on their wrists

The fact is that men have been wearing bracelets for centuries. Prehistoric men wore bones and shells on their wrists to ward off evil spirits.

Wealthy men wear bracelets to show their power and status.

Over time, bracelets have become a stylish accessory for men.