So trägst du immer den passenden Gürtel

So you always wear the right belt

One of the most important fashion accessories for men is the belt. The perfect men's belt enhances the outfit and makes the man look fashion-conscious. There are a few rules that must be observed in order to find the optimal belt. Nowadays belts no longer serve the purpose of holding trousers in place, they are considered a full-fledged and fashionable accessory.


This should be remembered

The first rule to remember: The color of the belt must be compatible with the shoes. The color and the material must always match the shoes. This creates a balanced look and is characterized by elegance.

The other accessories should also match the belt. Bracelets or watches should match the tone of the belt. Silver or gold jewelry can be combined with the belt buckle. Precious metals should be in harmony with one another.

Men should pay attention to details. The color of the cufflinks must match the belt buckle.

A few fashion sins are to be avoided - such as: - oversized or lavish belt buckles, - polyester belts or cheap belts in bright colors and poorly made. Firmly sewn belts look better and last much longer.


The care

Belts should always be rolled up correctly or hung up - this ensures a long wearing time. This way the leather belt stays in perfect shape and cannot be damaged. Belts should also not undergo massive overcare. Sometimes the belt can be wiped with a cloth.


Belt types

Starting with the material, you can see an immense variety. Leather belts are the most elegant. Exotic variants such as crocodile, snake or horse leather can also be classified. When choosing such exotic materials, you should be sparing with other accessories.

Cloth belts are intended for leisure. These are suitable for chinos or jeans. A fabric belt is always casual, a leather belt is more elegant.

The belt width can be classified into 30mm, 35mm and 40mm. 30 mm are to be defined as narrow belts - these fit the suit. 40 mm is suitable for jeans. 35mm is the standard width for the suit.

The nature of the belt should be carefully considered beforehand. Shiny belts should also be worn with highly polished shoes. This variant is recommended for evening events. Matt belts can be paired with matt shoes. These can be used very well in leisure time.

With leisure belts you are not necessarily forced to pay attention to the color. Determining the color is a must for quality leather belts. In the winteryou should opt for more muted colors. In the summer, on the other hand, friendly and light colors are recommended.

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