So findest du die perfekte Männer Armbanduhr

How to find the perfect men's wristwatch

Is the clock the same? Definitely not! - here are the best tips to find the perfect men's watch

The important thing is that you know exactly what you are looking for and what you want! The watch should be of high quality, but not too ostentatious either. Surely others should see that it is an exclusive piece, but here the understatement is in the foreground.


The crucial question: which watch suits me?

This question can drive you to despair, especially with the huge range on offer. Don't panic though, because when it comes to choosing the perfect watch, go for it The main thing that counts here is your own taste.

Today a wristwatch is more than just a noble accessory for the fashion-conscious man. Because a high-quality watch combines traditional craftsmanship with stylish modernity, making the watch both a status symbol and an investment. For you, the wearer, the watch will be a piece of jewelry that also serves as a timepiece and also reflects an expression of your own personality. Therefore, a suitable watch should be carefully selected.


Choosing the right watch is the same as finding yourself

Without a doubt, people are different and so are watches. The models range from the classically slim and retro-style pilot's watches to the sporty, masculine versions, and each one has its own special capabilities. This ensures that the right watch is offered for every taste. The boundaries merge and that means that even the sporty watch can be stylish or, conversely, the stylish watch has something sporty about it. Even a flashy design doesn't always have to be wrong. When it comes to finding the right watch, you need to choose a model that best suits your personality. In short, if you are looking for the right watch, you have to find yourself first and know who you are!


Who am I? If you know that, then you will know which watch is right for you!

There are traditional watchmakers and brands in the world of watches, such as:

  • Jaeger LeCoultre
  • omega
  • IWC Schaffhausen
  • A. Lange
  • Glassworks
  • Rolex
  • Patek Philippe

Each of these brands has its very own character. A watch from Patek Philippe, for example, appeals to tradition and style-conscious watch wearers, whereas the young at heart, adventurous men are more attracted to IWC timepieces. Omega and Breitling watches are associated with the aerospace industry. Luxury and intrinsic value, these two terms traditionally stand for Rolex and for everyone who enjoys success and shares it, Hublot is a suitable brand. Every single model has its own individual features and these can range from sporty to classic and subtle to spirited or even eccentric.


The functions

The movement is the heart of every watch, which can often do much more than just tell the time to the wearer. Many of the models have a wide variety of functions, such as a stopwatch function or chronograph. Water resistance is also standard today, even if the models differ in terms of depth. In addition, some watches also offer a second time zone or a world time function. Even

  • Alarm clock
  • Double chronographs
  • perpetual calendar
  • Tide meter
  • Depth gauge

are possible today.


A sporty watch will always have different functions, like the business watch and vice versa. Before buying it, you should be aware of what you need the watch for and on what occasions it is worn.

The prices vary

There is hardly any other product in such a wide range of prices as wristwatches. A high-quality wristwatch is a luxury item and an investment and the prices are open. For a valuable watch from a good brand, you have to expect prices in the four-digit range and even five-digit price ranges are by no means uncommon and, depending on the model, also in line with the market. This also applies to watches from the same line.

Questions about questions when choosing

You can see that there are many questions to be answered when it comes to choosing the right men's watch. What functions should it have, what material should it be made of and what clockwork is ticking in it? Even the stability of value and the possible resale value should be considered and whether the watch fits into your own budget.

Once you have answered all the important questions, you will be able to buy a watch that will accompany you for a lifetime and at the same time underline your own character and complete your own appearance.

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