Männerschuhe mit Stil

Men's shoes with style

Elegant men's shoes such as Budapest, Oxford, Blücher, Derby and Monks complete every outfit in style. In their free time, men are now again wearing loafers, moccasins and boots with metallic effects, checked, fur or felt inserts or boots and mountaineering shoes with eyelets and hooks. Sneakers are also still up to date.

The elegant shoe styling, on the other hand, lives from high quality, stylish and classic style again this season.


Trendy elegant men's shoes

In the segment of elegant men's shoes, men will wear comfortable, high-quality footwear in the coming season. The selection of lace-up shoes is now larger than ever. If you look at the catwalks of Paris, London, Berlin or New York and especially at the fashion shows of the men's fashion week, which continues to determine the trends Settimana della moda di Milano, the advantages of elegant footwear for the attitude of the fashion-conscious man quickly become clear:

High-quality ankle boots, brogues with their characteristic last shape, the openly laced Blücher and the extremely popular and comfortable Derby - elegant lace-up shoes are always an expression of masculine style. The lacing has a particularly positive effect on the look of formal and exclusive men's shoes.

But because not all men love lace-ups and prefer to slip into their slip-on shoes instead, the new elegant loafers are just right. They are equally suitable for leisure and business and complete the casual leisure fashion as well as well-cut suits. Particularly high-quality models provide an interesting, fashionable contrast.

In the past the monk strap was considered a tad too unconventional, today it stands for the special masculine elegance. High-quality materials, first-class design, quality and care in production make the monk straps in derby cut with their strap closures special and unusual fashion highlights.


Quality is the key

Global Destination for Shoes and Accessories(GDS) is the name of the annual Düsseldorf shoe fair. Fashion trends are set here and styles from ethno and hippie to espandrilles to Birkenstock are recommended to women this year. For men, on the other hand, there is more continuity in the game, because high-quality shoes are a must for formal suits this season too.

You can see sneakers here and there in the office, but mostly they are reserved for leisure time. The overall trendy fashion color is also the color blue in the classically elegant segment.

Tattoos for men's shoes are new - also for the classic models. Popular artists of the scene mutate simple, classic leather shoes with trendy motifs into special works of art.


Creativity is the order of the day

Creativity is also more in demand than ever in current men's shoe fashion: men can express themselves well with color when they transform their new, classic shoes into special, one-offs using the do-it-yourself process. Simple elegance then becomes an amazing eye-catcher - there are no limits to the imagination within the new DIY shoe art.

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