Erfahre warum Männer Wert auf Accessoires legen sollten

Find out why men should value accessories

Men's jewelry - an expression of style and elegance

Choosing the right men's jewelry with a sense of style and fashion can optimally complete your outfit and make it an extraordinary eye-catcher. Whether discreetly inconspicuous or deliberately extravagant, high-quality male jewelry accessories testify to their own style, an eye for details and a pronounced fashion consciousness.

Modern men's jewelery has long since ceased to be just a matter for women, but also offers men the opportunity to skillfully set fashionable accents in a strikingly masculine way. There are several types and various variants of classic men's jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets or wristwatches. When used and combined appropriately, the men's jewelry underlines their own character and fashion personality.

Whether discreet, elegant or extravagant - with beautiful and stylish men's jewelry, fashion-conscious men stand out from the crowd and are also fashionable. Accented accessories such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings emphasize character and personality and underline them with fashionable highlights.


What kind of men's jewelry for which outfit or occasion?

As a valid principle, the men's jewelry should not stand out too conspicuously from the outfit, but rather harmoniously emphasize and underline your own type. Men's jewelry can also be worn in everyday office life, but in a more restrained rather than dominant manner.

Men's jewelry made of solid stainless steel or elegant leather is ideal for leisure activities. A discreet chain or a narrow leather bracelet and a matching watch go well with the casual, sporty type. Men's jewelry made of timeless precious metals such as gold or platinum are particularly suitable for suit wearers. Neutral men's jewelry made of metal or dark leather harmonizes in color with almost any outfit.

The difference between men's jewelry and women's versions is the rather masculine design, which is expressed by men as heavy and coarse. Gentle and delicately designed men's jewelry exudes an emphatically feminine character and therefore looks quite out of place on men.

In the meantime, the selection of men's jewelery is so large and varied that your own style and personal individuality can be complemented in everyday use and correspondingly perfectly represented.



Casual, sporty or elegant, men's bracelets are individual companions in every situation and life situation. As particularly changeable, fashionable small parts, they emphasize the personal uniqueness of the wearer in a versatile way. They can be combined in a variety of ways, can be worn for any occasion and spice up any chosen outfit.

The current trend is for narrow bracelets made of leather, which together adorn the wrist several times. Often different types of leather are combined and worn on top of each other. Different dimensions and design forms set impressive accents.

Solid armored bracelets made of silver or stainless steel are timeless classics. Dense and stable chain links give king bracelets made of silver a noble and elegant appearance. Leather bracelets are characterized by their extreme versatility. In the appropriate version, they go equally well with a suit, jeans & T-shirt or rocker boots with leather jacket.


Which bracelet to which type?


In everyday life, bracelets can be easily integrated into everyday outfits due to their numerous variations in shape, design and appearance. The fashionable appearance of jeans, pullovers, sneakers or even suits is upgraded and underlined in a masculine-dominant way.

A bracelet made of sturdy stainless steel chains or even dark pearl links easily fits into the daily clothing and completes the casual look.



For combination with shirt, high-quality sweater and fabric trousers or lace-up shoes, a classic stainless steel bangle is ideal as a complementary fashion accessory. This should then be integrated into the overall picture rather discreetly, less as an eye-catcher than as a combined component.



As an expression of fashionable rebelism, the outfit is given a tart individual charm by a high-quality leather strap. Either as a simple leather copy or as a braided version with extravagant details, the accessory on the wrist in combination with skinny jeans, a black T-shirt and a leather jacket conveys a rocky expression with a rebellious character.


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