Diese 10 Klassiker sollte jeder Mann besitzen

Every man should own these 10 classics

Style cannot be taken for granted. You have style. Can it also be acquired? Can you learn style? One can: The classic style, originating from England, is not based on rigid conservatism, but encompasses that individual approach to clothing and accessories that makes a man of the world. The personality, the mirror of which: clothing, is essential.

The shirt

Shirts are an absolute must in every wardrobe. They are available inexpensively as business fashion in chains. Here you should at least make sure that the shirt has no breast pocket, the fabric is of acceptable quality and the length is correct.

Those who can afford it try to get tailor-made shirts; a compromise is branded shirts in the right size.


Tie or bow tie?

Accessories such as silk scarves, ties or bow ties impress with their material and design. They should be selected with due care. If there is not enough change, it makes more sense to do without these decorative accessories.


The right suit


The suit is still the common item of clothing for all official appointments today. Those who respect themselves will also wear them in the office. Usually the choice falls on the two-piece suit, consisting of jacket and pants.

The classic suit with vest is often tailor-made, but can also be found as ready-made goods from traditional men's outfitters. Good suits come from England or Italy.

White pinstripes on a blue background or plain-colored worsted fabrics are worn in the city, glen check or tweed in the country for leisure.


Pants - flannel, corduroy, jeans or moleskin?

In business, you are always properly dressed in a suit. Trousers made of gray-colored flannel in combination with a matching shirt or turtleneck are also suitable for everyday wear. Moleskin, corduroy and especially jeans are reserved for the weekend.

Depending on the situation and your own style, jeans and suit jackets can also be worn together. Except for entirely private leisure activities, shorts are an absolute no-go.


The right belt

Little things can be decisive. Nowhere is this more true than with the choice of the belt. Cloth belts are worn with moleskin, corduroy trousers and chinos. Leather belts for all more official occasions.

Belts should be kept in a subtle black or brown. Classically they have a brass buckle. Years of use create the right patina.

In general, the belt should match the clothing and the color of the shoes as a whole.


What really matters: shoes

Shoes are the most important item of clothing. Bad footwear can permanently ruin the overall impression. If you only have a small budget, you should definitely not save on shoes.

At least a pair of black oxfords and a pair of brown brogues are standard. Custom-made shoes are worth striving for. At least one should pay attention to welted shoes. Proper care is important. And of course the iron rule applies: After six, never brown.


Socks and stockings

Nothing is more irritating than a white strip of skin that becomes visible when you sit. It is therefore essential to wear stockings. In terms of color and structure, these should match the clothing.

Most of the time, dark shades are worn, corresponding to the color of the shoe. But there is also the possibility of minor rule violations by choosing a sympathetic wine red or an interesting pattern.


That certain something

A look at the other person's watch reveals the decisive factor. A man's watch should be worth three months' salary and, like the cufflinks, should match the style. Sporty watches with many functions belong more to the leisure sector.

You only choose a watch to a limited extent based on fashion considerations. It's more of a purchase for life. Sometimes for the next generation.


It was Oscar Wilde who said: "I have a very simple taste: I am always satisfied with the best." Style can be worked out, a wardrobe can grow and over the years high-quality items of clothing acquire that shine that testifies to value standards and style awareness.


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