Das sind die top Männerfrisuren 2017

These are the top men's hairstyles 2017

The mind is a man's business!

Men have their own mind! Not only do some women claim that, but also from a stylistic point of view, men's heads and men's hairstyles are important fashion themes. So now is the right time for the new look 2017 - a new year, a new look, a new man! It's easy to do with a new hairstyle, so take some time for your new self and let yourself be impressed by the latest hair creations and men's hairstyles from London's best hairdressers.


Spiky hair or the cool appearance! 

Men's hairstyles 2017

Perhaps it was the turbulence of the past year that also influenced men's hairstyles and created the somewhat wilder style from the smooth, close-fitting and short hairstyles in the sleek look. In any case, this year the sides and neck are kept very short, while the top hair is impetuous, almost unframed and cut in the out-of-bed style. Stelios Nicolaou, Aveda’s master hairdresser and responsible for the new men's hairstyles, uses scissors for this special effect and conjures up a pointed, uneven, lively and therefore very eye-catching look. Treated with gel or spray, this spiky hair is preferred by men with distinctive facial features.


Longer hair is on the rise!

Men's hairstyles 2017

It is the wild 70s stylings and the men's hairstyles of Mick Jagger or Jon Snow from Games of Thrones that will increasingly prevail in 2017. We're talking about longer men's hair! According to Alex Glover, master hairdresser at Murdock on Hackett King Street, this sign of upheaval is not only found in the usual fashion shows, but today's fashion-conscious man lets his hair grow again. Unlike in the Seventies, however, the focus of long men's hairstyles in 2017 is on styling and taking care of the hair. Products that do not weigh down and still guarantee natural hair fall are becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps it is precisely the skillful use of care products and aids that sparked the trend towards longer hair. Tommy Cunliffe, Managing Director of Ruffians Shoreditch, also sees this trend towards longer hair that reaches to the shoulder. Only in 2018 will the preferred length of hair go beyond that. However, whether the hair is straight, wavy or deliberately untidy is up to each man - the main thing is long and well-groomed!


The Trowback Cut or yesterday's styling is today!

Men's hairstyles 2017

If you look at the appearances of the men at the Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy, you think you are in the past. The men's hairstyles are in the style of the 1990s with a center parting, fringes reaching to the browbones and hair that is loosely combed backwards. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, it is likely to be one of the really big trends of this year. True to the motto "What is allowed is allowed!" Men appear more natural and self-confident than seldom before.


Men show their colors!

Men's hairstyles 2017

Although men do not yet appreciate the coloring of hair, it is the trend topic par excellence. Alternative products with short exposure times also allow men to change their hair color. 2017 could be the year of men's hair color - it can, may and is certainly on the rise. In addition to the classics of natural hair color, this year it is especially the light shades and pastel tones that bring variety to men's hair. While skeptics see the pastel colors more for pop stars, film heroes, celebrities or students, it remains to be seen how light gray, lilac, light blue or pistachio will affect men's heads. One of the entry points to a special hair color is also the trend towards silver hair. While in the past every strand that was prematurely faded was darkened, today men wear their silver mane in a youthful, cheeky way. Their own silver shampoos support this trend.


Men's hairstyles 2017

Men's hairstyles 2017

Men's hairstyles 2017 clearly show the new understanding of men and convince with a natural and youthful appearance!

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