Das ist echter Männerschmuck

This is real men's jewelry

Well dressed from head to toe

Sure, you should probably first think of well-fitting jeans or chinos, a suitable shirt and the perfect underwear. But if the outerwear is the cake, then the jewelry - and especially the men's bracelet - is the cherry on the dessert and, in case of doubt, can make the difference between sparkling wine or seltzer. Which are the right models for your outfits? We'll show you!


Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are particularly recommended for the casual look. Especially when you go back to dark shades such as black, dark brown or burgundy red and wear them as a watch strap, in combination with a separate watch or as a contrast to a braided men's bracelet. Conclusion: A casual blue jeans, a robust checked or chic plain-colored shirt and the leather bracelet is fine!


Pearl bracelets

Pearls are only for the ladies? Not at all - because, like leather bracelets, pearl bracelets complement your casual outfit perfectly. This is especially true for wooden beads that are not too large or too conspicuously colored (all the others are not so suitable and look a little like "I-have-the-bracelet- Not taken off since kindergarten days. ”But if you enjoy clothing in navy, emerald green or burgundy red, and if you want a pearl bracelet with a model with darker natural tones and small, round pearls, you can’t go wrong.


Anchor bracelets


Summer sun sunshine. And an anchor bracelet! Why? Quite simply: Maritime elements awaken that very special feeling of vacation and freedom both in you as the wearer and in the viewer; By the way, an anchor on a men's bracelet is a real eye-catcher. So that there is an aha and not an oha experience when looking, the anchor should neither be too big nor too kitschy. Whether the anchor is gold or silver is of course up to your taste - whereby the rule of thumb is that tanned skin goes well with gold and lighter skin goes better with silver or steel. Add a bright, perhaps color-patterned men's bracelet, chambray shirts and tight, white chinos: the maritime look is ready.


Linen bracelets

If you mainly connect young boy scouts with ropes and snap hooks, then it's just over. Of course, with a “rope bracelet” you have to make sure that it looks high-quality and mature - which is not that easy. But a darker, slightly narrower version accentuates your wrist perfectly, is an unusual extra and certainly doesn't steal the show from the rest of your outfit. At least not if you wear rough jeans, sturdy, not too fine shoes and a checked shirt.


Golden men bracelets

Do women and other men consider you a real piece of gold? This could of course be due to your smart character or simply to your perfectly selected gold men's bracelet:
Gold still has the flair of high quality and a corresponding value. So it is no wonder that a gold bracelet has its price, but is timelessly beautiful and elegant with good care. A corresponding piece of jewelry is best worn with traditional clothing colors such as navy, on more upscale private and professional occasions and with tinted or naturally darker skin. And as it should be for a gentleman, a neat understatement is a matter of honor and the men's bracelet is designed as simply as possible. After all, the material already speaks its own language.


Silver men's bracelets

However, if you value a men's bracelet with which you can wear bella Figura in both casual jeans and a stylish suit, the silver bracelet should be your first choice. Silver not only has the advantage that it creates a round image together with lighter skin nuances, but is also available in a wide range of different colors from light to dark. A real optical insider tip is the corporate style with dark jeans, a darker pea coat ...

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