Receive a free € 30 gift card from Obelizk

To receive your gift card, just follow these 3 steps

Step 1)

Take yourSmartphone or Tablet to record a video

Step 2)

Take an evaluation video of your Obelizk product (it must be 20-50 seconds long)

We suggest that you have a friend or family member film it.


To qualify for the gift card, you need to incorporate these 3 elements into your video.

A) Mention the brand name:Obelizk(spoken obelisk)

B) Show your face and your product

C)Tell about the product (how you use it and why you love it) and about your buying experience in the online shop.

Step 3)

Email us the video(From the same device with which you recorded it).

Send the video to

Step 4)

Receive your free € 30 gift card.

If your video meets all of the above criteria, we will send you your gift card within 48 hours.