So trägst du einen schwarzen Anzug mit Stil

Here's how to wear a black suit in style

The black suit is a real classic in men's fashion.

With its simple elegance and the numerous combination options for different occasions that it offers, it is still a real eye-catcher. It is not for nothing that it is not missing on any red carpet and is still worn by the most successful and attractive men in the world. Not all suits are created equal, however, and there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to find the perfect look. Here's how to properly wear a black suit.


Keep it simple

A motto that you have probably heard in various contexts, only that it is really appropriate here. With a black suit, less is often more. For elegant and official occasions, for example, you can wear it very well with a white shirt and a slim black tie. A watch that is kept as simple as possible with a chic bracelet goes well with this. You can also replace the tie with a stylish bow tie to add that certain something to your outfit. A shirt in gray, anthracite, dark blue or black can also be an alternative. With a black shirt, however, make sure that it really matches the look of the jacket, as you can both win and lose a lot with this monochrome look.


Fabric and shape

The most important thing about a suit is that it fits well. Make sure that the suit is cut appropriately tight and that the jacket is not too long. If the top is too wide, your outfit will quickly lose a large part of its elegance. The same applies to the shirt that you wear underneath. It's best to choose a slim-fit model that makes you appear dynamic and chic at the same time.

The fabric should be as light and natural as possible and allow good ventilation, after all, you don't want to break into a sweat all the time after you've put so much effort into your style. You can regulate your temperature even better with the tips for a chic casual look in the next section.


Casual but elegant

A black suit also offers great combination options with various accessories and items of clothing for everyday life or more unofficial occasions. For example, a well-fitting white or black T-shirt - preferably with a V-neck - ensures a young and sporty look. If you like it a bit more classic, combine a T-shirt or a shirt with a simple sweater - monochrome or with a simple pattern - with a V-neck or a scoop neck.

If you choose a shirt, you can also wear a tie under the sweater, so you get a smart business look for everyday life. You have a wide range of options for your shoes. If you only wear a shirt under your suit, sneakers or low-cut summer shoes may also fit.

If you have decided on the look with a sweater and shirt, more elegant models made of black or brown leather are also suitable. As far as the other accessories are concerned, a scarf in a simple color can provide that certain something and a high-quality watch and bracelet perfectly rounds off your outfit.

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