Das ist der Smart Casual Style

That's the smart casual style

What is the smart casual style?

Knigge.dedefines the smart casual style as a "casual business outfit".Oxforddescribes it as "neat and conventional".Urban Dictionarywrites "a nonsensical dress code that people wear at events, at parties and at work", that it is "completely a matter of interpretation" and "always causes confusion and spectacular results". Even the big oneWikipediagives up and just writes "detailed-defined".

So what does smart casual style mean? for real? Hold on tight, gentlemen ... today we put the fashion puzzle together and decipher this dress code.


The smart casual style today

First of all we want to state:Dressing smart casual doesn't just mean putting on a blazer and combining it with sweatpants. So first delete this picture from your head. Smart casual style may sound confusing, but confusion is not a reason to be poorly dressed.

Now that we've got that sorted out, let's talk about what really matters. As the name implies, Smart Casual Style describes a contrast between the formal and the informal bundled as a neat package. It sounds like a mystical riddle, but we promise it is a workable look.

To solve the riddle, let's start with the name itself: Smart Casual Style. First, smart, second, casual. If you're not sure, it's always beneficial to be on the smarter side of the style spectrum. The reason for this is simple: "Better be overdressed than underdressed". This rule has become conventional fashion wisdom. What you should look for is a harmony in the middle between smart and casual, precisely where comfort and elegance meet.

The following pieces are the key to a respectable smart casual style outfit. To make things easier we have below one of Head to toe instructions prepared for you.


Smart casual style: what to wear on top

These are the fundamental oneselements of the smart casual style:

  • The blazer.A blazer is an easy way to add individuality and style to any outfit. Look out for wool, linen, or light cotton in warmer months, and something thicker (e.g. wool) when it's cooler. There are good options for color. A neutral blazer in gray or dark blue is versatile and can easily be combined with many looks. He can add color to every piece of clothing in your outfit. Alternatively, a blazer with an expressive color or pattern can take center stage in your ensemble. Always find a good one for youseatedBlazer off - you look more elegant when it fits perfectly. If you can, find a patch-pocket blazer, this is a staple and especially popular in Italian fashion.
  • The shirt.A plain shirt in a traditional color like blue is always the safest option, but of course not the only option. Patterned (stripes or fine checks) shirts bring personality to your look and can be balanced out with more classic pieces - if you are concerned about wearing too fancy clothes. To stay true to the "casual" half, you'd better leave your tie at home and keep the top of your shirt unbuttoned.
  • The t-shirt.A t-shirt is also a perfectly acceptable part of this style. Make sure you stick to the basics though. Anything that could look more daring often looks too casual and less stylish.
  • Tie & Accessories.Ties and bow ties are optional. Sunglasses are a must, like a little smile.


Smart casual style: what to wear below


How to dressLegs and feetstylish:

  • The pants.This is not the time for satin stripes. Chinos are good because ...  Well... they are smart and they are casual. So simple. Like your blazer, your chinos should be kept neutral or as eye-catchers in color. Jeans are also appropriate. For newcomers, it has proven to rely on dark colors and a good style.
  • The shorts.Smart Casual Style Shorts are all about the structure. You want something well seated, otherwise it reminds too much of beach. Turn over the ends and make sure the shorts go over the knee. Board shorts or wide cargoes are a break in style and a no-go.
  • The shoes. There are a lot going on, but certainly not everything. Tasselled loafers, Monk straps, brogues, boots, oxfords and boat boots are good options. Strong colors or unique details are good to show that you're not coming straight out of the office. More casual are slip-ons or converses and can be used for work as well as for not so formal events. But wear your sneakers in the gym.


Experts Smart Casual Style Tip

"The key to creating this simple yet so difficult smart casual style is simple - feel good. The goal is to look good and feel comfortable doing so. We recommend a beautiful blazer with light wool, cotton or linen trousers - or a mix of these materials - with slender cufflinks, a simple shirt and no tie. In terms of patterns - keep it simple with simple patterns in blazer / pants and combine it with a classic white, a navy / white striped or printed shirt (these printed patterns will be the racer next season). This gives you the right amount of casualness and you don't look like you're just coming from the beach or from the gym. When it comes to shoes, high-quality leather loafers are always a good choice."


Smart Casual Style Inspirations

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